à midi pile

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à midi pile
at high noon
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Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To reply to or talk to someone, either online or face-to-face. (from the practice of targeting a message or reply to someone online by writing @name)

Example: Cars 2 is the most influential film of all time. Don't @ me.

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The at sign (@).

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Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: In, near, or in the general vicinity of a particular place.

Example: Caesar was at Rome;  at the corner of Fourth Street and Vine;  at Jim’s house

Definition: (indicating time) Indicating occurrence in an instant of time or a period of time relatively short in context or from the speaker's perspective.

Example: at six o’clock;  at closing time;  at night.

Definition: In the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner).

Example: He threw the ball at me.  He shouted at her.

Definition: Denotes a price.

Example: 3 apples at 2¢ (each)   The offer was at $30,000 before negotiations.

Definition: Occupied in (activity).

Example: men at work

Definition: In a state of.

Example: She is at sixes and sevens with him.  They are at loggerheads over how best to tackle the fiscal cliff.  The city was at the mercy of the occupying forces.

Definition: Indicates a position on a scale or in a series.

Example: Sell at 90.  Tiger finished the round at tenth, seven strokes behind the leaders.  I'm offering it—just to select customers—at cost.

Definition: Because of.

Example: to laugh at a joke   mad at their comments

Definition: Indicates a means, method, or manner.

Definition: Holding a given speed or rate.

Example: It is growing at the rate of 3% a year.  Cruising along at fifty miles per hour.

Definition: (used for skills (including in activities) or areas of knowledge) On the subject of; regarding.

Example: He slipped at marksmanship over his extended vacation.

Definition: (stressed pronunciation) Bothering, irritating, causing discomfort to

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Phonetic: "/haɪ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A high point or position, literally or figuratively; an elevated place; a superior region; a height; the sky; heaven.

Definition: A point of success or achievement; a time when things are at their best.

Example: It was one of the highs of his career.

Definition: A period of euphoria, from excitement or from an intake of drugs.

Example: That pill gave me a high for a few hours, before I had a comedown.

Definition: A drug that gives such a high.

Definition: A large area of elevated atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone.

Example: A large high is centred on the Azores.

Definition: The maximum value attained by some quantity within a specified period.

Example: Inflation reached a ten-year high.

Definition: The maximum atmospheric temperature recorded at a particular location, especially during one 24-hour period.

Example: Today's high was 32°C.

Definition: The highest card dealt or drawn.

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Phonetic: "/haɪ/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To rise.

Example: The sun higheth.

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Phonetic: "/haɪ/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Very elevated; extending or being far above a base; tall; lofty.

Example: The balloon rose high in the sky.   The wall was high.   a high mountain

Definition: Relatively elevated; rising or raised above the average or normal level from which elevation is measured.

Definition: Having a specified elevation or height; tall.

Example: three feet high   three Mount Everests high

Definition: Elevated in status, esteem, prestige; exalted in rank, station, or character.

Example: The oldest of the elves' royal family still conversed in High Elvish.

Definition: Of great importance and consequence: grave (if negative) or solemn (if positive).

Example: high crimes, the high festival of the sun

Definition: Consummate; advanced (e.g. in development) to the utmost extent or culmination, or possessing a quality in its supreme degree, at its zenith.

Example: high (i.e. intense) heat; high (i.e. full or quite) noon; high (i.e. rich or spicy) seasoning; high (i.e. complete) pleasure; high (i.e. deep or vivid) colour; high (i.e. extensive, thorough) scholarship; high tide; high [tourism] season; the High Middle Ages

Definition: (in several set phrases) Remote in distance or time.

Example: high latitude, high antiquity

Definition: (in several set phrases) Very traditionalist and conservative, especially in favoring older ways of doing things; see e.g. high church, High Tory.

Definition: Elevated in mood; marked by great merriment, excitement, etc.

Example: in high spirits

Definition: (of a lifestyle) Luxurious; rich.

Example: high living, the high life

Definition: Lofty, often to the point of arrogant, haughty, boastful, proud.

Example: a high tone

Definition: (with "on" or "about") Keen, enthused.

Definition: (of a body of water) With tall waves.

Definition: Large, great (in amount or quantity, value, force, energy, etc).

Example: My bank charges me a high interest rate.   I was running a high temperature and had high cholesterol.   high voltage   high prices   high winds   a high number

Definition: (acoustics) Acute or shrill in pitch, due to being of greater frequency, i.e. produced by more rapid vibrations (wave oscillations).

Example: The note was too high for her to sing.

Definition: Made with some part of the tongue positioned high in the mouth, relatively close to the palate.

Definition: Greater in value than other cards, denominations, suits, etc.

Definition: (of meat, especially venison) Strong-scented; slightly tainted/spoiled; beginning to decompose.

Example: Epicures do not cook game before it is high.

Definition: Intoxicated; under the influence of a mood-altering drug, formerly usually alcohol, but now (from the mid-20th century) usually not alcohol but rather marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.

Definition: (of a sailing ship) Near, in its direction of travel, to the (direction of the) wind.

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Phonetic: "/haɪ/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: In or to an elevated position.

Example: How high above land did you fly?

Definition: In or at a great value.

Example: Costs have grown higher this year again.

Definition: At a pitch of great frequency.

Example: I certainly can't sing that high.

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Phonetic: "/nuːn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The ninth hour of the day counted from sunrise; around three o'clock in the afternoon.

Definition: Time of day when the sun is in its zenith; twelve o'clock in the day, midday.

Definition: The corresponding time in the middle of the night; midnight.

Example: 1885, When night was at its noon I heard a voice chanting the Koran in sweetest accents — Sir Richard Burton, The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, Night 17:

Definition: The highest point; culmination.

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Phonetic: "/nuːn/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To relax or sleep around midday

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